Kassensystem and ERP Systems for Fine Dining Restaurants


Increase your margins by suggesting meal modifiers and upselling options.

Update hot deals

Suggest offer on meals

Apply happy hours coupons


Quick order taking and automatic transfer of orders to the kitchen allows you to speed up orders and take more orders.

Manage multiple food orders

Automatic transfer orders to kitchen

Manage multiple orders at the same time

Accurate and Up to Date

Customers have access to the latest information about menu items, ingredients and allergens.

Latest trending offers

Add today's special

Updated ingredients and allergens

Reduce Costs

Streamline your operations by eliminating errors and cutting down wastes and extra costs.

Reduce Free Offerings

Optimize Your Inventory

Use Free or Low-Cost Online Marketing

Offers and Promotions

Manage offers and promotions quickly and easily.

Hassle free management

Takes very less time to manage your offers

Automated system manages all the details of every sales made through it

Get the Orders Right

The direct transfer of orders to the kitchen means faster and more precise service.

Send your orders directly to kitchen

Save your valuable time

Manage more customers easily



>  Modern, dynamic, and highly configurable Kassensystem for your restaurant.

Kassensystem +
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

> Fully integrated restaurant software system that gives a complete overview of your business operations.