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Catering Software CRM

Sell. Market. Service. A simple, yet robust CRM database for all your catering prospects and customers that allows you to keep up with your most valuable asset: your relationships and sales. Everything about everyone in one easy-to-use integrated interface.

Import, group and manage relationships with your database of potential catering clients.

With the fortune being in the follow-up, you need a place to house prospects and stay in front of them with email, to-dos, meetings, and calls.

The professionals you sell to expect you to look and act like a top-notch organization.
By accessing client orders, proposals, invoices, and more in seconds, you eliminate stress for your clients.

By easily placing duplicate catering orders, you become their “go-to” caterer of choice.

Whether a client has one or multiple delivery addresses, our CRM will help keep up with all of them.

Instantly view all orders sent to a location with a few mouse clicks.

Via Braintree Payment Solutions, a PayPal company, keep all of your clients’ credit cards safely vaulted and ready for processing via our software.

Easily access, use, delete, and update credit card data without compromising security.

Catering Sales Software

Build a steady stream of new catering clients and nurture repeat catering sales. From proven customer acquisition systems to built-in upselling, great catering software should justify your investment every day. Start attracting the right kind of clients that value your business, and will become long term customers.

A catering proposal should do far more than communicating the price of an event. It should sell the prospect of doing business with you.

We have turned proposals into selling tools. With the ability to create unlimited proposal templates for any/all of your event types, prospects appreciate you are talking directly to them and addressing their unique needs and concerns.

No more waiting in line, in person or on the phone. Not when your clients can place orders, access their event calendar, and re-book events from your custom branded online ordering portal.

Eliminate double order entry with a mobile-friendly interface that integrates with your catering software. Instant notifications keep you posted on your newest bookings.

The fortune is in the follow-up! The minute you create a proposal, you can set a reminder to follow up and turn it into a booking.

Increase catering sales by automatically being reminded to re-book an event before your client thinks to look elsewhere. Never before has the click of a mouse been so profitable.

Eliminate catering sales friction by booking meetings in a single step.

With our automated meeting scheduling tool, you can simply send a link to your client or prospect to book a meeting at a time that works for them. They have access to your calendar and can see the dates/times you are available. Voila! No more back and forth.

Catering Marketing Systems

Marketing is all about getting the phone to ring. It is the transference of desire to use your catering service via any and all touches to your clients and prospects. Start attracting the right types of catering clients and repeat sales via our auto-pilot marketing systems.

Capturing leads is a breeze with our easy-to-use form builder, and you can embed these professional forms on your website.

Our built-in sales process allows you to automatically follow-up with prospects via email, while a prospect’s information is stored in the software’s CRM.

A fully functional email engine allows you to promote to your clients and prospects on a regular basis. Our pre-written email templates eliminate the hassles of figuring out what to say and promote. Email instantly or preschedule to fit the way you work.

Automatically reward your best customers with gift certificates, where you can set a different rebate percentage for each client. It’s the perfect incentive to lock in repeat business.

Also, CaterZen has partnered with Tango Card to let CaterZen clients offer over eighty different electronic gift cards as rewards for repeat catering purchases and referrals.

Catering Management Software

Systemized catering operations handled automatically in one convenient place in the cloud, so you and your staff will be more efficient and productive from anywhere.

Eliminate client delivery anxiety. Manage daily catering deliveries with our interactive mapping tool. Create routes with one or more orders, then assign drivers to one or multiple routes.

The driver’s smartphone interface allows load-out checklists, mapping software, direct client communication, and customer approval of orders – with tipping and digital signature capture!

With our easy-to-create kitchen production recipes, save hours a day creating kitchen production reports. Pull up reports by the order, aggregated by the entire day or any time frame.

Tablet Production Report provides a touchscreen checklist to monitor production. Real-time updates flash red to alert kitchen about last-minute pop-up orders and daily production totals are updated too.

Easily add a completely customizable drag and drop BEO template to any order.

Quickly select from our preset BEO Templates, or create your own templates, and save hours a day.

Easily create unlimited customizable catering contracts that clients can sign from their desktops or mobile devices.

Contracts are integrated with the CRM for easy access, an audit review, and the ability to quickly re-send unsigned contracts.

Access existing clients instantly or create new ones on the fly. A streamlined interface makes order taking quick while capturing all relevant information.

An unlimited number of menus, items and modifiers helps prevent missed details. Add delivery addresses, credit cards and menu items all from one screen.

Benefits Of Using CRM System

Gmail Integration

Allow each team member to connect their Gmail or Google-managed email address to our system. Send and receive emails and attachments and have them catalogued in the CRM for easy reference.

Google Calendar

Let your team use our Google interface to post calls, to-dos, meetings, as well as your catering calendars to their Google Calendars for instant access from desktop or smartphone.

Catering Deposits

View whether a deposit has been created and whether it has been applied to the customer’s payment.

Order Lifecycle

Create, view, convert, and edit catering orders, proposals, and deposits within the CRM for each contact. Start-to-finish order management in one convenient place.
Catering Sales System

Rebooking System

Lock in repeat sales with a rebooking system that reminds you to get your client’s next order.

Sales Analysis System

Find future catering clients that resemble your current catering clients. Identify and target new catering markets.

Email Campaigns

Stay relevant in your customer and prospect inboxes. Built-in email templates put selling on auto-pilot.

Google Analytics

Track how your paid search traffic is converting into sales on your online ordering interface.

Tracking / Coupon Codes

Generate custom tracking and coupon codes and analyze sources of new and repeat catering sales.

Save Lost Clients

Eliminate lost clients forever with our system to identify and win back lost/inactive clients.
Catering Management System


Access orders via the traditional tabular calendar to see at-a-glance highlights. Also view your reminders, calls, meetings, proposals, and catering events in a traditional calendar view.

Menu Manager

Drag and drop editor facilitates easy creation and editing of an unlimited number of menus, items, modifiers. Turn on and off menus and items as needed. Add pictures for the online ordering interface.

Discount Manager

No need to rely on memory or lists. Discount manager lets you assign an across-the-board discount to any corporation, so all their employees automatically receive preferred pricing.

Recipe Builder

Building kitchen production recipes shouldn’t be a full-time job. Fill-in-the-blank formulas make it quick and easy. Drag and drop editor saves you even more time.

Supplier Report

Create supplier ordering reports to know what you need to order or have on hand for events, daily, or for a range of dates. Updating supplier costs tracks the catering cost of goods.

Employee Management

The unlimited number of employee users supported without additional per-user fees. Assign admins and manage user permissions.

Sales Journals

Simple, one-page report for your bookkeeper to track sales.

Sales Tax Manager

Unlimited single and combined sales taxes based on your business rules.
Catering Marketing Systems

Client Calls

Our VoIP phone system includes reporting on all calls to and from clients, for easy reference and insight.

Referral System

Increase sales with a referral program that rewards your clients for sending you new business. Reward gift certificates are automatically mailed to your clients, while you sleep.

Discount Manager

No need to rely on memory or lists. Discount manager lets you assign an across-the-board discount to any corporation, so all their employees automatically receive preferred pricing.

Marketing Calendar Reminder System

Track multiple marketing ideas and campaigns with CaterZen’s marketing calendar, and then stay ahead by sending reminder texts, emails, and pop-ups in your software.

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